Many of my clients told me that  it was incredibly difficult to find developers for them. I am talking not only about how to outsource but also how to find internal programmers. The problem is mainly in their qualification and cost. We were cooperating with many established Western businesses who gave up to find a good internal developer and started to search external/freelance one.

What are the benefits of external developers versus internal ones?

- you save costs on housing the developer. This includes electricity, water, gas, office furniture, costly computer, other equipment, etc.

- you save money. External developers are usually cheaper. Sometimes you pay for their unreliability though;) But if you find a good team of developers in a company that provides such services and cares about its goodwill, you are lucky:)

- you don’t have to plan how to use all the developer’s time. Sometimes businesses, mainly small and medium ones, don’t have that much work to give. Or they need just one-time project. Or occasional projects. So the problem for the employer is, if they hire anyone to do the job in-house, then what will they do when the website will be completed or a product developed? The only way out is to hire one on a per-project basis. Here appears the question – how to find developers?


How to find developers for a remote job?

Once you’ve decided that you need an external programmer, what do you usually do? Right,

- ask friends and acquaintances whether they can recommend one. The result can be great but also can be poor. Then, if you haven’t found any, you start googling. You’ll find a lot of remote job banks like

- Elance, Odesk, Freelancer. What are the advantages and disadvantages of those? Check out my another article about experience in working with IT freelancers on freelance websites. Then, if you are not satisfied with the Indian and Pakistani dominance which doesn’t imply any quality of work , you start thinking where else can you find developers. You can

- google for specific IT companies in Ukraine, Russia and Slovakia, for example. The phrase “hire programmers full time Russia”, or “hire remote programmers Ukraine” can bring you some results. Those companies specifically take care about their SEO so that they could be first ones in search results.

Companies like us which offer hiring a programmer or a team of programmers remotely full time, are usually responsible enough to make client happy and willing to continue cooperation. Freelance websites are created more for those who focus on short-time projects for different customers. If you deal with a proven customer and they are happy with you, there is no to go to freelance portals where you have to pay 10% and higher commission for using safe Escrow services, etc.

To sum up, if you need to find a developer for a little piece of job or a really small project – ask a friend or register on freelance portals. If you need a full-time remote developer or a team of developers, better find someone more responsible who wants to build long-term business relationships. These could be IT outsourcing companies like us:)