We focus on helping other agencies getting their work done well when they need additional resources. Whether it’s project management, programming, or anything else. Let us know if you want to make it to the list.

Brains-on-a-Stick is an IT firm that’s a little different… and we think that’s a good thing. We are basically bunch of smart people who just get stuff done. If you need a silver bullet for your next project, we’re probably about as close as you’re going to get.”

We have started working for Brains-on-a-stick in the summer of 2012. Out task is to help with managing some of the projects they do for their clients.

Moon Media is a fullservice Slovak agency which provides advertising, digital and production services to its clients. Some or them are the brands recognized across the whole country and the region. We help Moon Media with social media planning and strategy, performing daily communication via social channels, providing excessive reporting and ensuring strategical growth in a long run.
Kremsa is a full-service digital agency. We deliver measurable results for your brand by designing and executing effective branded experiences for your audience.”

Kremsa Digital outsourced programming, design and management of some of their projects to Mosaic Media. We are happy that we could help with projects projects for their clients, such as Microsoft, Wyler’s Light or Flavor Ice. 


We have worked on many projects for our clients, including the projects for the agencies above. Click the screenshot to find more details.