Are you a successful businessman, who gets more and more clients, but doesn’t have enough time to take care of them properly? Don’t end up exhausted with a lot of sleepless night! We will help you. Our project managers are trained for working remotely and have years of experience.

Partnering with remote project manager will save you time and a lot of costs, because you don’t have to pay a fixed salary to an in-house employee. We use Skype, screen sharing and cloud to make sure that the communication is as good as with the in-house project manager. Having an offshore development team in Ukraine, Russia or Central Europe is another reason to work with us. We are in the same timezone, we speak their language and understand their culture. Of course, we match also your timezone to be sure that we cover all communication with your clients and you. It’s much effort, but we know how to do it and our happy clients prove it.

Do you still hesitate and can’t imagine how is it going to work? Drop us an email and we will let you know.