Facebook audience is growing every day. The application user base has reached 1 billion and this number is constantly increasing!

You will be impressed how perspective it is to influence your target audience with a facebook application. It gives you a powerful mechanism to make your fans interested and engaged in what you do. Contests, sweepstakes, exciting games can perfectly fit into your marketing and sales strategy.

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Plus, recent surveys have shown that users are more likely to use websites connected with Facebook than websites which aren’t. Even if they have the same content and design. Having Facebook Connect integrated into your web application gives you many awesome features:

  • users invite their friends to your site
  • they see who of their friends are there already
  • users share content from your site on their Facebook wall
  • they easily login and maintain conversation under their Facebook username

Social Plugins are extremely user friendly and easy in use to everyone. Facebook Like has become revolutionary in a web society! Just a simple click makes your friends around the globe pay attention to what interests you on the web.  Facebook officially says that since social plugins launched in April 2010, an average of 10,000 new websites integrate with Facebook every day.

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Make your marketing plan up to date. Over 600 million people choose Facebook as a most preferred way to spend their free time. Why not to use that?

Facebook offers great means to implement a marketing strategy:

  • Facebook Pages
  • Facebook Applications
  • Social Plugins
  • Facebook Connect
  • Facebook Adverts

All of the above should be used wisely and complex to get the highest user traffic. That’s what we do. Ask us how.