Many small and medium businesses are nowadays desperately searching somebody to do a good programming job. Sometimes a person is not good enough, sometimes they ask too much money, sometimes they are not manageable and work ineffectively. At the same time, the number of startups and new businesses is growing every day, and 99% of all businesses have an online presence.

In the US and Western Europe the number of programmers among other specializations is not so big, people are more into economics, culture, social work and business rather than into programming. Number of businessmen in the US who prefer to manage rather than to create a product directly are way bigger than of specialists.

Plus, this makes good programmers feel exceptional. They are needed and they can be as geeky and nerdy as they want, they will be in demand anyway. Even if an average businessman finds a programmer, it’s still doubtful that this person will be a good specialist, communicative and disciplined. Programmers are creative personalities, they sometimes don’t bother themselves with neatness or other social conventions.

I even found an article on the web where an author bravely raises the question “Are programmers people?” To my relief, the conclusion is yes, programmers are people:) Yet, you have to be really savvy to make a  programmer work when you need them to, even if they are a really great coder.

Why Russian Programming?

Can there be any way out? Can one find a good and reliable programmer who is a really good specialist in their area and doesn’t cost too much? OK, so just imagine that more than approximately 50-70k programming specialists graduate from Russian universities annually. Number of high education establishments in Ukraine is 854 (2012) while in France – just 41! So, if we count that every university releases 150 diplomas per year, and IT technology specialists constitute 1/7 of all diplomas, in Ukraine you have a chance to find 10-15 k programmers.  Slovak programmers are less numerous, but they are as good as Russian and Ukrainian ones. And remember, quality of a post-Soviet education is still considered one of the best in the world.

For simplicity, I call a post-soviet and nearby countries programming the Russian Programming. It’s a common stereotype in Western world that everything that lies to the East of the European Union and to the West of China and India is Russia:) Even all Slavic peoples such as Slovak, Slovenian, Polish are sometimes attributed to Russians.

If a Russian programming is so attractive, how can one use it?

1. Find a remote team of Russian programmers on the net. Why not an individual? The article about that will be published soon! Plus, you will learn how to find a really good team.

2. Do a small pilot project with them. Check how they communicate, whether they respect deadlines and whether the end result they present works good:)

3. Hire Russian programmers on a full-time basis. Why? It will be much cheaper than working with a programmer on a per-project basis. Programmer will be dedicated to you and will feel financially secured. You will be confident that programmer’s team lead doesn’t dedicate them to any other client right when you need their help so badly.


If you are already looking for a team of Russian programmers, we will be glad to help –

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