If you have tried Facebook application for iPhone called Pages, you have felt the easiness of managing all your pages from one place. However, you can’t upload a video from your phone. You can only paste the link to Youtube one.

You know that recently Facebook has introduced the post planner tool right from the Facebook page. All applications that provided this ability are now seriously endangered and their owners have a hard time…Yet, even Facebook is not bugless. Be careful when you set the date before you upload the image to the post. Your date and time selection will then clear up and the post will be published immediately.

“Facebook Pages” you can access from your PC also love bugs. For example, many people (and me) noticed that sometimes posts disappear from the page and then appear only after you log out and log in again, or refresh the page.┬áSometimes posts are even duplicated. You post something once, and then you see that posted twice. What a surprise! However, this illusion will go away after you refresh the page.

What bugs did you experience?